Why Intern with Digital Deepak

Frequently Asked Questions :

Credits Dinesh Shettigar

Am I eligible to join?
Of course, yes. There are no criteria to join yet. But maybe Deepak will conduct a pre-evaluation test for the next batch due to the interest and high demand to join. It’s tough to manage thousands of people in a single batch, right?.

How is the course?
Just one word: Priceless. You should have known the answer already from my post.

What is the duration and how many sessions?
Three months in total. 12 classes and 10 assignments.

Why should I choose it?
Why should you not join? If you really want to take your digital marketing skillset to the next level, then don’t think twice. You will be the next success story.

How is this Internship different from others?
This program gave a different meaning to the word “Internship” itself, and so the program is. I can say confidently that you will never see such a high completion rate anywhere else.

I am working full-time, do you think I can manage time for Internship?
I have a day job, a part-time job, and a couple of online businesses to manage. If an average guy like me can do it, why not you?

How many hours a week, I need to spend?
It depends on the assignment, really. You will need a max of 4 to 5 hours to give your best without rushing things.

How tough are the assignments?
As Deepak says, “awkwardness is an indicator of learning.” Don’t think about the assignments being tough. Think about the result you will be achieving.

Is the fee I am paying worth it?
This question should be different. Why are you charging way less amount for such a priceless program?

Is it only about Content Writing?
Nope. Content is the core of marketing. But this program will cover every aspect of marketing.

I am entirely new to Digital Marketing. Will I be able to learn?
Most percent of the interns in our current batch are beginners. So, it should not be a problem.

How much money can I make by the end of the course?
We can’t really provide a quantified answer for this. It depends on your work ethics. But this program will give you all the skill-sets to help you make money.

Will I get a job for sure after finishing the Internship?
There is a high chance you will get a job provided you give your best as if there is no next time. Period.

What would be the price?
Definitely, it won’t be 10k. It will be slightly higher than 10k.



Trainers and Coaches Assemble !!!

The Training and Coaching industry needs to produce problem-solvers. We no longer need Industrial era machines. It’s time to revise the methods by which training and coaching is done.

  • The summit aims to create a community of knowledge-givers who :-
    • Make a difference to society
    • Train students while making profit
    • Incremental coaching method

Always be Learning

The Day you stop Learning you Die !!

Connect the Dots and Give what you have !!!

Emulate Successful people to achieve in life

Foundation of Building an Impactful Business

It’s time to explore the secrets to building an impactful and high-performing Training and Coaching Business

Start a Business with the Right Business Model

There are Four major Business models which one can pursue in the Training and Coaching Industry :-

  1. Low Volume , Low Value
  2. Low Volume , High Value
  3. High Volume , Low Value
  4. High Volume , High Value

Trainers also need to be wary of the 3 Cardinal mistakes which one must refrain from in this business.

Mistake #1 : Copy and Paste Google Content

People are smart. We humans can sniff out posers from do-ers. Which is exactly the reason Trainers and Coaches must have a powerful mechanism for delivering huge value.

Rajiv outlined that there are Three Classes of Trainers and Coaches : –

  1. The Top 1% : High Impact , High Influence and High Income
  2. Middle 29 % : Great skills , Noble Intention, Pathetic Branding and Zero Reach
  3. Bottom 70 % : No impact or Influence , No skills and Income, Zero Reach

The Bottom 70% are the fall guys who are kicked out of the industry due to unsustainable models.

Mistake #2 : Teach any Topic to Anyone and Become No-One

Find your Niche and market yourself to the Target Audience

Audience are the group of people who need your services and are willing to pay for it.

Mistake #3 : Focus only on Delivery But not on Business !!

A trainer must enjoy :-

  • Doing his job
  • Facilitating for colleagues
  • Marketing oneself
  • Team building oriented

Haar ko jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hain

A Trainer must be capable of building a high performance team that can empower the coach to facilitate better and deliver more value.

BONUS : Mistake #4 Enjoy the Suffering

Coaches and Trainers often wear the armour of nobility and don it with pride. Their profession is a noble crusade that will succeed long term.

Success only follows if the model the coach pursues is scalable !

Always be Learning . Fill the gap in your Learning . Grow more to Teach more.


  • Treat Training and coaching like a business.
  • Invest in the Right Learning Opportunities
  • Market with the Right Strategies
  • Build a High-Performance Team

Siddharth Rajsekar – Digital Coach

Sidz idolized his grandfather like AskHemu, Sidz also took one of his grandfathers quotes to heart

Never Let Schooling Interfere with your Education

Grandpa Sidz ( 1991 )

A Successful person can change with the times. He can adapt and implement the latest technologies. This is the catalyst for success.

Sidz uses the following systems to implement the Freedom Business Model

  1. Personal Branded Website
  2. Visual Content on Social Media
  3. Lead Pages
  4. Email / CRM
  5. Social Media Calendar
  6. Textual And Video Blogging
  7. Cookie Leads
  8. Paid Ads
  9. Analytics

The goal in the Digital Coaching Business is to master the game of Traffic and Conversions.

Start the Relationship at the point of Sale. Establish a Customers for Life bond. Freelance difficult tasks and automate repeat chores.

Micro-Niche is the core area of your business. Find the right audience serviced by your micro-Niche. The main selling happens to this audience.

  1. Focus on One Product -> Specialize into that area
  2. Be Great at Content Marketing
  3. Accept Challenges
  4. Generate Multiple Streams of Income
  5. Be an Influencer to build brand value.

Mission always comes FIRST

Me comes SECOND

Community then comes THIRD

Create a Honour Code and follow it

Top 3 Secrets

Secret #1 : Video Influence , stand for something and spread a vision

Secret #2 : Pre-Framing Educate the customer and deliver immense value to build trust.

Secret #3 : Conversion Master the art of delivering an impactful sales pitch and you can have consistent sales conversion rates.

3 Pillars of Influence

#1 Authenticity – Be Authentic and be vulnerable to connect with the audience in attendance.

#2 Strong logic – Have a solid foundation which will ensure that no one can bring you down with their points.

#3 Empathy – People won’t care about you unless you can convince them that you care for them.


Find the Enemy Within . Every person has two lives. Current Life and Dream Life. There exists a Resistance between your Current Life and Dream Life.

Defeating the Enemy

  1. Invisible
  2. Internal
  3. Intelligent and Manipulative
  4. Impersonal not Partial
  5. Unreasonable
  6. Proportionately Negative
  7. Universal
  8. Never Sleeps
  9. Plays for keeps
  10. Fuelled By Fear
  11. Moves in One Direction
  12. Most powerful at the Finishing Line

Language of Resistance

  • I’ll do it Later
  • I can’t spend money 💵
  • I’m not ready to begin

The Uninvited Guests

  1. Doubts – Fear ( Validation, Rejection, Authority)
  2. Overwhelmed (Shiny Object Syndrome)
  3. Dream Stealers (Avoid Them and Reject Them)
  4. Perfectionism (🔧 Fix our Solutions)
  5. Procrastination (Delayed Beginning)
  6. Self Medication – Diagnose to Stop
  7. Victimization – Blame
  8. Spirituality – Thinking against Materialism, Feeling Selfish
  9. Isolation- Lonely, Success attracts people
  10. Criticism of self and others. The sign of visibility is hatred. Learn to deal with it.
  11. Have support and be rational

8 Personal Affirmations to do Daily

  1. There is an Enemy
  2. The Enemy will destroy / Kill You
  3. The Enemy is inside you
  4. But the enemy is not you
  5. The Real you must fight the resistance within you
  6. Dream and Desires create resistance, it arises second.
  7. Assistance follows the minute you overcome resistance.
  8. My Monthly target is to train 5 tutors into High Converting assets.

Seminars With Funnels

Find the Right Customer with an Avatar Guideline

Hello Neytiri !!!

This is a very late article coming out from my side. Back to Back Birthday and New Year’s Parties drained me physically for two days. The deadline was past by and with it, the energy and the motivation to compile the article.

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Starter Menu !!!

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Serves me right, for delaying the creation. Prior, to this blog only two you tube videos existed on the topic. They do not qualify as main Assignment material.

Time to move on to the assignment article. I request the viewer to turn all notifications off by putting your devices into DND mode. The first lesson of class 2 highlights the need to stay focused on the task at hand. { Reading my blog }

Learn > Do > Teach

Top mentors all follow this model in their lesson delivery. Some salient advantages are :-

  • Build knowledge by explaining the material to someone.
    • Practice in a safe zone.
    • Exchanging ideas to sharpen the intake.
  • Develop essential social-emotional learning skills.
    • Inter-personal trust.
    • Confidence in public speaking.
    • Communicating thoughts effectively.
  • Leads to long-term retention and deeper learning.
    • Lesson is retained longer.
    • Instantly using the lesson.
    • Apply the knowledge over the whole lesson.
Yes, my first video is on Learn – Do- Teach !!!

Thank you, for watching the entire video. I hope my limited demonstration was able to convey the working nature of the model.

A Mistake now, is a future Benefit

This internship is the right time, to pursue a new creative activity. We are given the licence by Deepak Sir, to let those creative juices flow. Why not !! Lets express our abilities and grow together. Video-creation and Post generation were the activities I did.

  • For every assignment, a minimum of two videos are being shot and uploaded on my channel
  • Posting in the group on assignment related to the topic

Contrary to the low engagement , I have received plenty of constructive feedback. Pointing out mistakes in my content that I can rectify them in the future. Gained more friends and grew my skills from these activities. Valuable lessons learned from this post creation exercise.

Effective Conversations, Market Better !!

Marketers always aim to strike up an engaging conversation with a lead. They build-up the value of the product along the way. Demonstrating the product adds to the value. Influencing the conversion from a lead to a customer.

There is no shortcut to a perfect sales pitch. Each lead must be taken for merit and handled creatively. There are leads who chase style over economy. Others are content with budget comfort. It falls to the marketer to engage with the lead and drive them to desired product.

Lead wants Benz or Corolla ? Engage with them and promote accordingly.

Authenticity is King

The most recent example of an authentic sales pitch which revived a failing product was the ” Share a Coke ” campaign. By adding common surnames / local flavour they built a deep connection with the community.

To bring out the authenticity factor in our presentations, we need to identify the customer who we have to market to. Such a process is called finding the Customer Avatar.

Defining the Avatar for my niche ” Learn Online Tutoring “

Where are you going ?? Watch the video in full !! My mission is to help the weakest candidate become better in 21 days !!

  • A Good Marketer understands his avatar and presents a product fit for a set requirement.
  • Uses multiple avatars to identify core areas that can be catered to
  • Customized material for each target area
  • Funnel leads into the sales page
    • Explain more about value
    • Present the purchase to have more worth
    • Offer tempting discount
    • Include multiple payment methods for ease
  • Thanking the customer for the buying decision

Focus on Core Areas, Not the entire universe !

The Customer avatar is key. Without a Guideline, the search will be aimless and delivers low quality leads. With a targeted survey form, It is possible to narrow down your target audience.

Now, to the main event !!!

Prospective Audience for Online Tutors

After conducting over 200 Candidate interviews, I have narrowed down my audience into 5 core areas. These areas constitute the vast majority of candidates who clear interviews effortlessly. My focus is to build the community with an initial audience of growth-oriented people.

Scaling up can be done by including the target areas of candidates that do not clear the interviews easily. The focus will be on this sector as their principles resonate with mine.

1. Married Homemakers

Case Study : Madhavi Rao

After marriage , these women / men have taken up the responsibility of managing household duties. They are coming to Online Tutoring with a motivation to assist the main breadwinner in running the house.

The key pain-points of this target audience are :-

  • Fear of facing camera
  • Fear of speaking to a virtual person
  • Attrition in subject proficiency
  • Juggling Household and Tutoring duties
  • Lack of general awareness about Online Tutoring

Here is the customized sales pitch that I’m delivering to a Customer Avatar -> Married Homemaker

2. College Graduates

Case Study : Jack D’Albert

The College Graduate audience consists of candidates who are coming to Online Tutoring with a passion for teaching looking to make an extra buck. They view the profession as a part-time working opportunity.

The key pain-points of College Graduates are :-

  • Fear of committing mistakes
  • Lack of self-belief and confidence
  • Considers subject proficiency as a requirement
  • Juggling Academic and Tutoring duties
  • Lack of general awareness about Online Tutoring

Here is the customized sales pitch that I’m delivering to a Customer Avatar -> College Graduates

3. Retired Professors

Case Study : Sreeshma Balakrishnan

This audience features people having decades of teaching experience in schools / colleges . They are coming to Online Tutoring looking to take-off from where they left off ( classroom lecture ).

The key pain-points of Retired professors are :-

  • One-sided subject presentation
  • Does not stop to ask for questions
  • Drone mentality towards teaching
  • Pushes their experience to request higher pay
  • Lack of general awareness about Online Tutoring

Here is the customized sales pitch that I’m delivering to a Customer Avatar -> Retired Professors

4. Caretaker of Dependants

Case Study : Rajan Thirumagal

Family-oriented people who have quit their full-time jobs to take care of ailing dependents or growing children populate this audience. They are service minded people who sacrificed their professional career for the good of the family.

The key pain-points of Caretaker of Dependents are :-

  • Fear of committing mistakes in class
  • Lack of self-belief and confidence
  • Doubts in Lesson Preparation
  • Juggling Nursing and Tutoring duties
  • Lack of general awareness about Online Tutoring

Here is the customized sales pitch that I’m delivering to a Customer Avatar -> Caretaker of Dependents

5. Full-time Online Tutors

Case Study : Siddhesh Malhotra

Full-Time Online Tutors are the cream of the crop. With years of Experience , they find no difficulty in clearing interviews and making it into companies. However they face some core issues which are keeping them confined to a style of living.

The key pain-points of Online-Tutors are :-

  • Social stigma about Online Tutoring
  • Unstructured wealth management
  • Poor family communication
  • Withdrawn from public appearances
  • Nesting inside a comfort zone

Here is the customized sales pitch that I’m delivering to a Customer Avatar -> Full-Time Online Tutors


Creating the customer avatar was one of the most constructive activities that I have done to date. I had been sitting on this gold mine of data for 2 months now. The time it took me to analyze and digest the information present was well worth the investment. The result is magical

Thanks to Deepak sir, Its now Okay to be awkward and uncomfortable.

Hook , Line and Sinker. Learn the Art of making a Lead into a Transaction

Happy New Year to all my Students !!

Let us together make 2020 the best year of our lives !!!

I want to share my first ever Email sales copy conversion through this article. 

I don’t have a dedicated marketing or sales background . A geeky postgraduate in Physics with 4 years of Tutoring Experience.

Since 8th September 2019, I have been associated with  Siddharth Rajsekar  who transformed me from an Online Tutor into a Digital Coach. His blog on converging teaching and marketing is ground breaking. Open it in a new tab and visit it after reading my article.

Now, I have a Digital presence and my own website . It was here my customer came with the teaching requirement. Here were the requirements. :-

  • One on One Tutoring
  • Develop a Problem solving methodology
  • Attempt past papers and build confidence
  • Develop a scientific temper

Being an Offline class, we agreed to conduct a demo at their residence. For the demo ,

  • I scouted the route
  • Checked my drive
  • Rehearsed a very basic lesson.
  • Called and confirmed the demo time
  • Arrived 5 minutes before anticipating small talk.

I was laser focused in what lesson to present.  I did not have the breath of desperation but only the desire to provide value to the student. 

My Hook presentation was a resounding success only because I found my IKIGAI and responded to my inner call.

How to Find your IKIGAI

There are people who haven’t found their IKIGAI. I recommend you guys download the following Image and write down the niches that wake you up in the morning.  

Here are the action steps you need to take

Otherwise, you’ll cook up excuses which builds up a sure shot case of analysis – paralysis !!

Now onto the Sinker !!!

Setting up the Line to connect the Hook to the Sinker 

Thank you, for reading this article so far. Now getting serious, I request not to open any notifications that popup while you are watching the video. 

The video below deconstructs the Email Sales Copy which I sent to the customer. It’s time to make a sincere promise, to watch the video till the very end. take in the knowledge. 

Heard the video in full ?  You’re awesome. You share my vision to make 2020 better and I respect that. Which is why I have a special gift for you. 

You can meet me at the Indian Trainers Summit at Bangalore on January 18th 2020. Get your tickets for the Indian Trainers Summit here !!
It’s your opportunity to Get Real with Rajiv Talreja and our very own heartthrob Siddharth Rajsekar.  

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Get your ticket now and make your travel arrangements !!
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Feeling pumped up with the ticket in hand ? You have subscribed to access a day of learning from the best of the best .  Hey, wait !!! we haven’t reached the end of this article. It’s time to move on to the Sinker !!!

The Sinker snares the Deal in the Bag !!!

I know the thought in your mind right now. 

  • Videos embedded in a blog ?
  • How did he get time to shoot them ? 
  • How did he edit them ? 

Here are my humble responses to these random thoughts 

1. Learning through Videos is a very useful concept that Sidz taught me. I’m now implementing his Learn-Do-Teach model to improve my content presentation. 

2. I shot the video immediately after the deal was sealed. I just had to do it !!!

3. Video capture was done using OBSTudio

Here is the final video in this article. Please watch it full and comment on your learning.

Thank you again !!!  For reading the entire article. I look forward to seeing you in Bangalore . Make this story an inspiration to chart your own success stories . 

To sum it up :-

  • the Hook is the bait that you need to attract the customer to your service.
  • The Line will snare the customer to your service. 
  • The Sinker is the buying decision which connects you to the customer with a working arrangement.

Keep on working hard guys . Remember, You are awesome !!