Five Key Takeaways from Day 1 of the Digital Marketing Internship

Webinar started at 2105 hrs Indian Standard Time on 18th December 2019

This blog will take you through the lessons I learnt in my First class of the Internship program. I have highlighted Five takeaways as my headings
T1 : Fishing in the Digital Ocean
T2: Economy Fundas
T3 : Being an Effective Communicator
T4 : Digital Marketing in the 21st Century
T5 : Identifying your Niche

My Name is Hemanth Achamveedu, I have been an Online Tutor for the past Four years. After my promotion as a Subject Matter Expert in my company, I gained new insights to the field of Online Tutoring. This led me to sign up for Deepak Kanakaraju‘s Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle.

Of late, I had modest course completion stats inside Learn Digital Deepak. Apart from work, some Self-made Roadblocks for my progress were :-
– Waiting for the pen drive of Digital Deepak courses
– Contemplating the need to break a fixed deposit to invest in a more expensive blogging platform. 
– Put off the domain and hosting purchase to wait for good deal.

13th December 2019 gave me the chance to clear Roadblock Number 3 and invest in a Domain [ Name.com ] and Hosting service [ Hostinger.in ] . Followed the purchase by implementing Digital Deepak course knowledge by action. CloudFlare is linked to my domain to improve site performance.

Three reasons on why this Internship would provide me the perfect platform to challenge myself :-
– Need to complete weekly assignments in a timely manner.
Doing Research on the lesson topics.
Integrate the knowledge I have learned into the blog preparation.

Having adjusted my evening classes for the 18th, I had my dinner and waited with bated breath for the Webinar to begin. I liked the second slide where Sir commended all the participants who logged in punctually. Our discipline is a mark of respect to the time and energy being spent by Deepak Sir who has started this Internship at great personal risk.

Slide 2

T1 : Fishing in the Digital Ocean

Not the kind of heading you expect for the first takeaway. I prefer fishing as the better analogy to entering the Digital marketing scene. The wide open ocean presenting boundless opportunities for the sailor to reap the rewards.

  • Your Boat is your Domain .
  • Boat Engine and the Fishing equipment’s would be the Hosting.

Captaincy (Value) and sound navigation (SEO) is needed to pass the treacherous waters and reach the shoals of fish in the wide and deep ocean. The more convinced the fish are about the value of your trawling net , the better are your chances of snaring them.

T2: Economy Fundas

Being a postgraduate in Physics there was a gap in my understanding about how the economy works. Through some books and online lectures, I picked up pointers here and there. Read more economy related articles and scaled up my knowledge. Shot a Video to speak out my thoughts on the subject, here is the link.

Currently as the Sole Proprietor of The Scale- Up Ventures with a Current Account in YES Bank. The slides on Economy did not turn out to be Greek for me. Concepts regarding Recession , Company strength and recovery all demand more discussion. Maybe, In coming blogs I will be able to share more knowledge. Now, just restricting my wisdom to the above slide.

T3 : Being an Effective Communicator

Whatever be the Arsenal of words in your vocabulary, the skill level in expressing those words decides your conversion rate. Only by hours and hours of practice can one master communication. Here are my tried and tested methods :-

  1. Writing my goals for 30 minutes every day. I made a short podcast on writing goals. Check it out here
  2. Reading articles on The Athletic or other fan blogs. Our supporters group actively discusses Arsenal articles. From Manglish, many have moved onto using concise English sentences in their social communications.  Thanks to the Athletic Effect they are getting their points across to a wider audience.
  3. Watching videos. I will recommend subscribing to Informative you tubers who put up content that you like. There is a niche of You tubers who put out extremely valuable videos in their respective genres. 
    1. Thoughty2
    2. HistoryMarche
    3. AlternateHistoryHub
    4. Kings and Generals
    5. Invicta
    6. GeekyRanjit populate my Youtube account.

Here is a podcast I made about effective communication. Hear it out

T4 : Digital Marketing in the 21st Century

Being a total novice in the field of Digital marketing, I referred Deepak Sir’s blog for quotes.

Digital marketing is marketing, through digital devices. The massive shift in consumer behavior on how they consume content is what has seeded the growth of digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply a more powerful and advanced way to do marketing.

It is very clear that traditional advertising and marketing is dying and different components in digital marketing are seeing massive growth in popularity.


Similarly, digital marketing is just a channel through which your ideas, knowledge and experience can be shared with the whole world. There is no point in learning digital marketing just for the sake of it.

Many people learn all the technical aspects of digital marketing but they do not have any creative thoughts to share with the world.

Other people people have a lot of ideas in their mind, but they do not know digital marketing well enough to share it with the world.

You will become a top digital marketer when you combine the both.


Digital marketing is no different.

It is a skill and it is something you have to learn. At the beginning the output will be average and the rewards minimal. With practice, like driving a car the complexity of the task reduces. With the development of skills, your content delivery will improve steadily.

Most of the rewards from learning digital marketing will come only after you have mastered the art of using digital marketing.

Attaining some level of mastery will polish the content that you create. Money will start flowing in only after you have some level of mastery. ( An experienced driver will be focused on where to go).

That’s the barrier of entry into becoming a top digital marketer.


Some additional articles which you should definitely be checking out :-

  1. https://digitaldeepak.com/digital-marketing-career-path/
  2. https://digitaldeepak.com/best-way-to-learn-digital-marketing/
  3. https://digitaldeepak.com/digital-marketing-jobs-pay-salary/
  4. https://digitaldeepak.com/predictive-analytics-the-future-of-digital-marketing/
  5. https://digitaldeepak.com/successful-digital-marketers/

T5 : Identifying your Niche

The Riches are in the Niches

I just couldn’t restrain myself from saying it. The phrase resonates with me like a tuning fork at it’s resonant frequency. My own Niche is ” Learn Online Tutoring” .

There are several companies in the Online Tutoring Industry. None have a dedicated campaign or program to churn out Effective Tutors. This deficiency came to my attention taking charge of the Interview process for New tutors { Science and Math } at my company.

Having identified the pain-points any new candidate faces while entering Online Tutoring, I intend to serve this niche by :-

  • Train and prepare the next generation of online tutors
    • Communicate Effectively
    • Earn sufficient income
    • Grow their skills and move up their price band
    • Become Efficient Tutors
  • Introduce them to the Concept of Marketing
  • Build up an Ecosystem of Bright Tutors

To the reader, I have a video to help you find your Niche. The topic of your interest must converge all the circles in the IKIGAI Diagram. Do check it out and let me know what’s your current IKIGAI in the comments below

Here are my Five Takeaways from the First Class of the Digital Marketing Internship. Looking forward to working on more challenging assignments.

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