Hook , Line and Sinker. Learn the Art of making a Lead into a Transaction

Happy New Year to all my Students !!

Let us together make 2020 the best year of our lives !!!

I want to share my first ever Email sales copy conversion through this article. 

I don’t have a dedicated marketing or sales background . A geeky postgraduate in Physics with 4 years of Tutoring Experience.

Since 8th September 2019, I have been associated with  Siddharth Rajsekar  who transformed me from an Online Tutor into a Digital Coach. His blog on converging teaching and marketing is ground breaking. Open it in a new tab and visit it after reading my article.

Now, I have a Digital presence and my own website . It was here my customer came with the teaching requirement. Here were the requirements. :-

  • One on One Tutoring
  • Develop a Problem solving methodology
  • Attempt past papers and build confidence
  • Develop a scientific temper

Being an Offline class, we agreed to conduct a demo at their residence. For the demo ,

  • I scouted the route
  • Checked my drive
  • Rehearsed a very basic lesson.
  • Called and confirmed the demo time
  • Arrived 5 minutes before anticipating small talk.

I was laser focused in what lesson to present.  I did not have the breath of desperation but only the desire to provide value to the student. 

My Hook presentation was a resounding success only because I found my IKIGAI and responded to my inner call.

How to Find your IKIGAI

There are people who haven’t found their IKIGAI. I recommend you guys download the following Image and write down the niches that wake you up in the morning.  

Here are the action steps you need to take

Otherwise, you’ll cook up excuses which builds up a sure shot case of analysis – paralysis !!

Now onto the Sinker !!!

Setting up the Line to connect the Hook to the Sinker 

Thank you, for reading this article so far. Now getting serious, I request not to open any notifications that popup while you are watching the video. 

The video below deconstructs the Email Sales Copy which I sent to the customer. It’s time to make a sincere promise, to watch the video till the very end. take in the knowledge. 

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Feeling pumped up with the ticket in hand ? You have subscribed to access a day of learning from the best of the best .  Hey, wait !!! we haven’t reached the end of this article. It’s time to move on to the Sinker !!!

The Sinker snares the Deal in the Bag !!!

I know the thought in your mind right now. 

  • Videos embedded in a blog ?
  • How did he get time to shoot them ? 
  • How did he edit them ? 

Here are my humble responses to these random thoughts 

1. Learning through Videos is a very useful concept that Sidz taught me. I’m now implementing his Learn-Do-Teach model to improve my content presentation. 

2. I shot the video immediately after the deal was sealed. I just had to do it !!!

3. Video capture was done using OBSTudio

Here is the final video in this article. Please watch it full and comment on your learning.

Thank you again !!!  For reading the entire article. I look forward to seeing you in Bangalore . Make this story an inspiration to chart your own success stories . 

To sum it up :-

  • the Hook is the bait that you need to attract the customer to your service.
  • The Line will snare the customer to your service. 
  • The Sinker is the buying decision which connects you to the customer with a working arrangement.

Keep on working hard guys . Remember, You are awesome !!

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