Trainers and Coaches Assemble !!!

The Training and Coaching industry needs to produce problem-solvers. We no longer need Industrial era machines. It’s time to revise the methods by which training and coaching is done.

  • The summit aims to create a community of knowledge-givers who :-
    • Make a difference to society
    • Train students while making profit
    • Incremental coaching method

Always be Learning

The Day you stop Learning you Die !!

Connect the Dots and Give what you have !!!

Emulate Successful people to achieve in life

Foundation of Building an Impactful Business

It’s time to explore the secrets to building an impactful and high-performing Training and Coaching Business

Start a Business with the Right Business Model

There are Four major Business models which one can pursue in the Training and Coaching Industry :-

  1. Low Volume , Low Value
  2. Low Volume , High Value
  3. High Volume , Low Value
  4. High Volume , High Value

Trainers also need to be wary of the 3 Cardinal mistakes which one must refrain from in this business.

Mistake #1 : Copy and Paste Google Content

People are smart. We humans can sniff out posers from do-ers. Which is exactly the reason Trainers and Coaches must have a powerful mechanism for delivering huge value.

Rajiv outlined that there are Three Classes of Trainers and Coaches : –

  1. The Top 1% : High Impact , High Influence and High Income
  2. Middle 29 % : Great skills , Noble Intention, Pathetic Branding and Zero Reach
  3. Bottom 70 % : No impact or Influence , No skills and Income, Zero Reach

The Bottom 70% are the fall guys who are kicked out of the industry due to unsustainable models.

Mistake #2 : Teach any Topic to Anyone and Become No-One

Find your Niche and market yourself to the Target Audience

Audience are the group of people who need your services and are willing to pay for it.

Mistake #3 : Focus only on Delivery But not on Business !!

A trainer must enjoy :-

  • Doing his job
  • Facilitating for colleagues
  • Marketing oneself
  • Team building oriented

Haar ko jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hain

A Trainer must be capable of building a high performance team that can empower the coach to facilitate better and deliver more value.

BONUS : Mistake #4 Enjoy the Suffering

Coaches and Trainers often wear the armour of nobility and don it with pride. Their profession is a noble crusade that will succeed long term.

Success only follows if the model the coach pursues is scalable !

Always be Learning . Fill the gap in your Learning . Grow more to Teach more.


  • Treat Training and coaching like a business.
  • Invest in the Right Learning Opportunities
  • Market with the Right Strategies
  • Build a High-Performance Team

Siddharth Rajsekar – Digital Coach

Sidz idolized his grandfather like AskHemu, Sidz also took one of his grandfathers quotes to heart

Never Let Schooling Interfere with your Education

Grandpa Sidz ( 1991 )

A Successful person can change with the times. He can adapt and implement the latest technologies. This is the catalyst for success.

Sidz uses the following systems to implement the Freedom Business Model

  1. Personal Branded Website
  2. Visual Content on Social Media
  3. Lead Pages
  4. Email / CRM
  5. Social Media Calendar
  6. Textual And Video Blogging
  7. Cookie Leads
  8. Paid Ads
  9. Analytics

The goal in the Digital Coaching Business is to master the game of Traffic and Conversions.

Start the Relationship at the point of Sale. Establish a Customers for Life bond. Freelance difficult tasks and automate repeat chores.

Micro-Niche is the core area of your business. Find the right audience serviced by your micro-Niche. The main selling happens to this audience.

  1. Focus on One Product -> Specialize into that area
  2. Be Great at Content Marketing
  3. Accept Challenges
  4. Generate Multiple Streams of Income
  5. Be an Influencer to build brand value.

Mission always comes FIRST

Me comes SECOND

Community then comes THIRD

Create a Honour Code and follow it

Top 3 Secrets

Secret #1 : Video Influence , stand for something and spread a vision

Secret #2 : Pre-Framing Educate the customer and deliver immense value to build trust.

Secret #3 : Conversion Master the art of delivering an impactful sales pitch and you can have consistent sales conversion rates.

3 Pillars of Influence

#1 Authenticity – Be Authentic and be vulnerable to connect with the audience in attendance.

#2 Strong logic – Have a solid foundation which will ensure that no one can bring you down with their points.

#3 Empathy – People won’t care about you unless you can convince them that you care for them.


Find the Enemy Within . Every person has two lives. Current Life and Dream Life. There exists a Resistance between your Current Life and Dream Life.

Defeating the Enemy

  1. Invisible
  2. Internal
  3. Intelligent and Manipulative
  4. Impersonal not Partial
  5. Unreasonable
  6. Proportionately Negative
  7. Universal
  8. Never Sleeps
  9. Plays for keeps
  10. Fuelled By Fear
  11. Moves in One Direction
  12. Most powerful at the Finishing Line

Language of Resistance

  • I’ll do it Later
  • I can’t spend money 💵
  • I’m not ready to begin

The Uninvited Guests

  1. Doubts – Fear ( Validation, Rejection, Authority)
  2. Overwhelmed (Shiny Object Syndrome)
  3. Dream Stealers (Avoid Them and Reject Them)
  4. Perfectionism (🔧 Fix our Solutions)
  5. Procrastination (Delayed Beginning)
  6. Self Medication – Diagnose to Stop
  7. Victimization – Blame
  8. Spirituality – Thinking against Materialism, Feeling Selfish
  9. Isolation- Lonely, Success attracts people
  10. Criticism of self and others. The sign of visibility is hatred. Learn to deal with it.
  11. Have support and be rational

8 Personal Affirmations to do Daily

  1. There is an Enemy
  2. The Enemy will destroy / Kill You
  3. The Enemy is inside you
  4. But the enemy is not you
  5. The Real you must fight the resistance within you
  6. Dream and Desires create resistance, it arises second.
  7. Assistance follows the minute you overcome resistance.
  8. My Monthly target is to train 5 tutors into High Converting assets.

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