Why Intern with Digital Deepak

Frequently Asked Questions :

Credits Dinesh Shettigar

Am I eligible to join?
Of course, yes. There are no criteria to join yet. But maybe Deepak will conduct a pre-evaluation test for the next batch due to the interest and high demand to join. It’s tough to manage thousands of people in a single batch, right?.

How is the course?
Just one word: Priceless. You should have known the answer already from my post.

What is the duration and how many sessions?
Three months in total. 12 classes and 10 assignments.

Why should I choose it?
Why should you not join? If you really want to take your digital marketing skillset to the next level, then don’t think twice. You will be the next success story.

How is this Internship different from others?
This program gave a different meaning to the word “Internship” itself, and so the program is. I can say confidently that you will never see such a high completion rate anywhere else.

I am working full-time, do you think I can manage time for Internship?
I have a day job, a part-time job, and a couple of online businesses to manage. If an average guy like me can do it, why not you?

How many hours a week, I need to spend?
It depends on the assignment, really. You will need a max of 4 to 5 hours to give your best without rushing things.

How tough are the assignments?
As Deepak says, “awkwardness is an indicator of learning.” Don’t think about the assignments being tough. Think about the result you will be achieving.

Is the fee I am paying worth it?
This question should be different. Why are you charging way less amount for such a priceless program?

Is it only about Content Writing?
Nope. Content is the core of marketing. But this program will cover every aspect of marketing.

I am entirely new to Digital Marketing. Will I be able to learn?
Most percent of the interns in our current batch are beginners. So, it should not be a problem.

How much money can I make by the end of the course?
We can’t really provide a quantified answer for this. It depends on your work ethics. But this program will give you all the skill-sets to help you make money.

Will I get a job for sure after finishing the Internship?
There is a high chance you will get a job provided you give your best as if there is no next time. Period.

What would be the price?
Definitely, it won’t be 10k. It will be slightly higher than 10k.


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